Productivity Developement – Find a Quick Way to Write Blogs without Fuss

OK, so today I realized I’m managing a lot of posts, including drafts that need final tweaking before going live, live posts that need edits/updates, and purely theoretical future posts that a seed of an idea might have just come to mind.  I figure there seems to be a tool for about everything now, so why not go try to find an optimum solution to help me manage such a post.

The solution I found was what is known on the internet as “Desktop Blog Editor”.  I guess this is a subcategory of the “Blog Editor,” which could live in the cloud, but since Microsoft Windows Live Writer was unanimously the best touted choice on the internet, that’s what I decided to go with.

And guess what, this is my first blog post on Windows Live Writer.  Since I am a super busy want-to-be entrepreneur, I don’t have time to go try all of the different options out.  Therefore you if don’t like my chosen solution, I encourage to do some internet searching.  This, like so many others, is one of those product categories that attracts the “top 5 blah blah blah” or “top 8 blah blah blah” type articles.

But I can tell you I’m really happy about this leap forward in learning.  I will no longer need to work with Microsoft Word files saved in folders buried 5 layers deep.  Instead I can look at a list of different blog posts, click one, and quickly start editing.  Saving a draft is a sinch, and doing further editing/reviewing is very simple and doesn’t experience delays due to fussy communications with the servers.

I’m so happy the program links with your blog, allowing you can publish with one click.  Not only that, the craziest and coolest thing ever, is that you can schedule posts to publish right from the software.  I can’t tell you how much of a happy human being this discovery has made me.

I can do visual layouts and editing right here, on my laptop in a very comfy setting.  Adding pictures, links, html, custom css (to some extent), all that, is much easier now.

If you write and/or manage blogs, I highly recommend you find one of these tools that fits for you, and start using it.  It will save you lots of time.  Note if you run a Mac you can use Microsoft Windows Writer (as far as I can tell) and will need to find another good Blog Editor option.  Shouldn’t be too difficult since the world is so eager to develop such options and then talk about them on the internet.

Happy Blogging!